Frequently asked questions about our accounting services

How much does it cost to register a business
Your costs for registering Limited company include:

State fee for opening a Limited company – 110 BGN

Notary fee – 6 leva. If the managers are more than one, then for each one is paid 6 BGN.

Bank account opening fee – depending on the bank it could range from 10-20 BGN

State of play of the registered company – 7 BGN

Total cost for opening a Limited company – about 135-150 BGN



GEBONA can register your firm at no additional fee. The initial deposit you give us will be applied toward your monthly fees.

All of our clients receive a free consultation before they select the type of entity they would like to register. We want to make sure you know what your options are and make an informed business decision.

The free registration is our way of appreciating you and your business for trusting us with your accounting services. We know that starting a new company can be a stressful and time consuming process.

Our fee for registration of a company, including preparation of all documents, as well as accompanying from our employee to a bank and a notary without further commitment for accounting services  is 100 BGN.

Can a register a company by myself ?

Yes. You can.

In the following links you can find complete information on how to do this:

Useful information and tips on Sole Trader registration

Useful information and tips on registering Limited company – more than one owner. /EOOD /

Useful information and tips on registering Limited company – more than one owner. / OOD /

Now think about what you need.

Since we do not charge additional fee for it, does it cost the effort to do it by yourself ?

I need a consultation. How much will it cost ?

All of our clients receive a free consultation before they select the type of entity they would like to register. We want to make sure you know what your options are and make an informed business decision.

Come talk to us. We will appreciate having a conversation with you regardless if you become our client. No obligation for you!

I want to start my own business, but I have a lot of questions that do not know the answers ?
​We know that there are many questions for future entrepreneurs concerning:

Decide what entity is the best fit for you;

Select social security and taxation;

Help you select a bank that will be a good financial fir;

Help you select a firm that will create your company stamp;

And many others.

We will answer all of your questions. We can discuss all options until you are confident you can make a good informed decision

Why choose Gebona instead of hiring an in-house accountant:

You will receive an experienced advice and gain a strategic partner by allowing us to help you with your accounting needs. Our experts are best in class professionals that you can’t find and hire in-house. Their entrepreneurial spirit will help you manage your company finances smarter;

We can help you define business strategies and solve problems;

We consult clients that have over 200 employees;

We are very organized and are able to quickly react to unexpected circumstances or problems that you didn’t anticipate. Life happens. We are here for you;

By working with us, you will have a team of experts working for you for a fraction of the price you would need to pay full-time in-house employees for these services.

The expenses for buying and updating payroll software are high for each business. Each software product has to be updated periodically or otherwise you pay an annual fee to use the product. These expenses add up to be a significant spent for your company.

I am currently using accounting services at another accounting firm. Can I transfer to you??

Yes of course. We will fully assist you in seamlessly transferring your accounting from your previous accountant to us.


What more will you offer me as accounting services than what I currently receive?

Do you know what your projected year end profit is and how you can lower your taxes?

Do you know your current inventory and materials?

Do you know what you owe National Revenue Agency?

Do you need to file paperwork related to your business yourself and waste time waiting in line?

Do you have some who can give you good advice on optimizing your spending?

Would you like your CFO to process your monthly payments, VAT payments and taxes owed or would you prefer that he spends time going to the bank to make those payments?

If you pay for a full time accountant, do you receive the reports and services you deserve?

Our goal is to inform our clients about their real-time financials and results and bring any questions to their attention before the transactions have cleared.

What do I get as you client ?

Easier management of your work with local tax administration;

Minimize your time spent at the bank;

Quick and effective decisions related to financial-accounting questions;

Periodic reports that will help you manage your business wiser;

Cheaper, yet more quality accounting services compared to the expenses you would have to hire an in-house accountant;

We have experience in helping business owners in more than 70 industries;


Do we sign an accounting services contract ?

Yes. The conclusion of the contract is clear proof that the promises will be fulfilled as in the preliminary agreement and guarantees greater security for both parties. The contract is not bound by deadlines and notices regarding our joint work, which guarantees you a seamless transfer to another accounting company if you wish.

An accounting contract is binding because a contract for the processing and protection of personal data is also drawn up on the basis of this contract, which is an essential part of our mutual work and is linked to the Personal Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Do you offer remote (online) accounting services ?

This is a relatively new service in our market. It is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses in order to facilitate your work. Being in a small town without offering accounting services does not mean that you cannot get quality service. Or your office is right next to ours, but in the hectic daily routine you don’t have time to visit us, remote accounting is right for you. With Online Accounting, our clients are under no obligation to visit our office to sign, stamp or take the documents they need, everything we’ve prepared, we send to your email. After the end of each month, you can choose how to provide us with the collected documents (invoices, reports, etc.), by scanning, courier or by visiting our office. The communication between us will be by phone and by letter to your e-mail. The whole exchange of information between us and the state administration is almost entirely by electronic means.

Do you offer a service – taking documents from my office / facility ?

We work with many of our clients this way. We know that many business owners do not have the opportunity to take the time and close the facility to bring us their monthly paperwork. In these cases, our employee comes to you after appointment.

Do I need to register over the VAT Law ?

The topic and questions regarding VAT registration and whether you need one are quite extensive and we advise you to read the VAT page on our site.


Can you register my business over the VAT Law ?

Yes. This service is free of charge for our customers.

Do you provide services related to changing circumstances in the Trade Register ?

Gebona Accounting Company makes any changes to the circumstances of legal entities (change of address, partner, sale of units, etc.) at the Registry Agency. Depending on the particular service, payment is negotiable.

We currently have over 500 applications for registrations, change of circumstances and publication of the report, with no refusals.