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Be one of the many satisfied clients of accounting company Gebona in Ruse!

Contact us!

Be one of the many satisfied clients of accounting company Gebona in Ruse.

Most of the companies in our book of business have been with us for over 20 years. We are proud of these partnerships as they show the quality of our services. We work hard every day for this recognition.

Our portfolio of clients includes companies in the following industries :


  We have been working with “Gebona” for over 20 years. They manage all accounitng for my company to include : labor contracts, payroll management and documentation, HR hiring and termination paperwork. They submit all the declaration to the state – VAT, Intrastat and etc. We recover monthly VAT and they do all that also.
Gebona’s stuff is very competant and always offer an expert advice on any questions concerning of our firm and/or any projects related to future development.
I wholeheartedly recommend them! 

Milen Kosev – General manager at ” Kosev ” Ltd
Manufacture of welding structures –
Friday April 20th, 2018

Transkram group Ltd

Hello. I highly recommed ” Gebona “. Their experts, who i consider as my friends, are very loyal and best-in-class experts in accounitng. They ensure accurate and up-to-date information of my financials and taxes. They monitor our activity and advise accordingly when needed.
We are very pleased with the services they provide !
It is very easy to communicate with them and they are a strategic advisor that helps us make the right decisions.

Krasimir Krystev – General manager at ” Transkram Group ” Ltd
Transport activity in the EU
Friday April 20th, 2018

I have worked with GEBONA since 1990. I have always been satisfied and impressed with how loyal and precise their work is. GEBONA is a dependable partner to our business and we know we can count on their expertise. When we have a question and need help, we always get quick expert advice. To us, professionalism, accuracy and dependability are guiding principals in selecting our strategic partners that we work with. We are happy with GEBONA as they always provide us with the answers we need to make good business decisions. The GEBONA team is professional and loyal.
I recommend GEBONA as they are always competent to the issues we need help with and their services are always delivered within our deadlines. In our line of business, this matters tremendously.

Stiliyan Daskalov – General manager at ” Daskalov ” Ltd and “Oziris 15” Ltd
Commersial activity / Cosmetic health center Orhideus
Monday November 6th, 2017


 I completely rely on GEBONA to provide me with good advice that ensures I am successful. I have worked with them since the inception of my business over 10 years ago. I trust GEBONA with all my accounting and tax obligations. They manage my accounting completely and also monitor any regulatory changes that I should know about and make me aware right away.
I value GEBONA as they save me many efforts and time, which every busy CEO appreciates. I am very happy with the professionalism and expertise the
team has delivered to me and my company. Therefore, I completely trust them with handling my accounting and being a key advisor when I make business decisions.
The success of my business in this busy world requires a good accountant. GEBONA‘s trust, loyalty and accuracy ensure the success of my company.
Modern commerce continues to evolve, the Bulgarian consumer is becoming more and more savvy. Therefore each business need to evaluate their business model and make changes that are coordinated with accounting.
Based on my relationship with GEBONA, I highly recommend their work as they are loyal, precise and valuable business partners.

Detelina Grigorova – General Manager at ” Karolina-99 ” SpLtd
Grocery trading
Thursday November 2nd, 2017

We have worked with GEBONA for over 10 years. They have proven to be a partner that we can rely on. They are always available to address our questions and give us expert advice and recommendations. We have nothing but great things to say about the quality of the work that GEBONA offers. They are a loyal partner to our business.

Zdravko Nikolaev – General Manager at ” Zipet ” SpLtd
Logistics and spedition in Bulgaria and EU

Thursday November 2nd, 2017