We offer :

  • Easier management of your work with local tax administration;
  • Minimize your time spent at the bank;
  • Quick and effective decisions related to financial-accounting questions;
  • Periodic reports that will help you manage your business wiser;
  • Cheaper, yet more quality accounting services compared to the expenses you would have to hire an in-house accountant;
  • We have experience in helping business owners in more than 70 industries;
  • Confidentiality.

Full (subscription) accounting service, which includes:

  • Elaboration of an individual accounting policy for your company and an individual chart of accounts;
  • Day-to-day processing of primary accounting documents. Accounting analysis of your business activity and offering timely solutions, related to the company taxation;
  • Monthly elaboration and submission of the required by law VAT documentation;
  • Monthly elaboration of Intrastat and VIES declarations and submission to the NRA;
  • Periodical (but not less than in half an year) elaboration of company’s tax report, elaboration of income and expenses report, balance sheet, cash flows and references on duties, claims and tax liabilities;
  • Accounting of fixed and current assets in accordance with the regulations. Inventory of assets;
  • Elaboration of an annual accounting report and preparation of an annual financial statement;
  • Elaboration of an annual tax statement and its appendices;
  • Elaboration of an annual statistics report;
  • Preparation of all payment documents for the due taxes and fees.

Payroll and Personnel

  •  Drafting of employment contracts, addendums, leave and dismissal orders;
  • Update of workers’ records;
  • Elaboration and submission of applications according to the Labor Code;
  • Monthly preparation of settling payrolls of salaries and payment documents for outstanding social security payments;
  • Elaboration and submission of the required monthly information from NII (Declaration – Forms 1 and 6);
  • Submission of applications for termination and start of social security payments by self-employed and annual certification of social security documents;
  • Preparation of internal corporate documents on occupational safety, occupational health and personnel safety conditions.

Drafting of documents for a bank loan

  • Elaboration of all accounting records required by the banking institution;
  • Elaboration of forecasted profit and loss reports, balance sheet and cash flows reports in accordance with the company’s business plan.

Financial services, consulting and tax protection

  • Representation and protection of company’s interests in case of audits – general, thematic or cross by the tax administration, the NII or other institutions;
  • Resolving any problematic issues;
  • Application of the NRA and NII interpretations on the issues of tax law and social security. Familiarizing company’s management and personnel with the changes in tax regulations and consultation on issues of taxation, social security according to the Labor Code and other legal documents related to the company’s activities;
  • Preparation of annual personal income declarations;
  • Registration and re-registration of companies in the Registry Agency;
  • Elaboration of business plans and projects;
  • Drafting of contracts, statements and objections against acts.

Services available to you via online remote accounting

This is a relatively new service aimed toward small and mid-size businesses. The goal is to make your job easier. This type of service is a perfect fit for a business that is located in a location where direct accounting services are not within reach. You could be in a small town where no accounting firms have representatives. Gebona will make sure that you have access to quality accounting services even if you are not able to visit us every day. Remote online accounting makes it possible to work with us without having to come into the office frequently. This way we make it convenient for you to run your business without having to sacrifice the quality of your accounting. You will be able to sign and stamp documents online remotely, you don’t have to come to our office to be able to obtain documents that you need to present to 3rd party institutions. At the end of each month, you will be able to choose how to distribute the collected documents (invoices, reports) – you can scan them to us, mail them to us or send them via courier. We can communicate on the phone and via email. Mostly all communication between us is done electronically. We offer certified online signatures, which enable us to get all documents for National Revenue Agency, National, National Insurance Institute, National Statistic Institute, Labor Inspection, Trade Register properly authorized. You will be able to communicate with us and request and obtain accounting reports and documents from us at any time.

Services available to you via online remote accounting

After you properly authorize us to do remote online accounting, we will be able to:

  • Submit Monthly VAT Declarations, Declarations concerning labor contracts, Annual tax declarations, Submitting the annual financial statements to the Trade Register, Declarations concerning the Labor Inspection , Submitting statements to the National Statistic Institute and etc.;
  • We will be able to prepare all documents related to work agreements, contracts, documents related to discontinuation of work orders, licenses etc. We will be able to send all documents to you via secure email. All you need to do is print them and present them to the appropriate party.
  • We can prepare documents related to your employees for you and send them to you via email.
  • You can use our office as a point of contact with institutions vial mail/courier, fax, phone or email. You will be notified when correspondence to you is sent to us.
  • You can consult with us via email. This way you will be able to ask your questions and get expert advice. We will make sure to research your question, check the regulations/laws that may be related to it and will send you the answer you are looking for via email.
  • We see a significant increase in companies using online invoices versus paper ones. This makes it easier for us to get a copy, so you don’t have to bring paper receipts for us to work with. We receive them automatically, print them and make sure that they are properly filed in your accounting folders.
  • Online Banking – extremely convenient way to work with the banks that saves you trips to the bank branch. This saves you time, the hassle of finding a parking spot, waiting in line, and the bank fees for online banking are lower. We are able to link your invoices to your online banking so you can properly authorize and send online payments 24/7.
  • You will always receive the most up-to-date information to your email related to all news and possible changes in laws/regulations that may affect your business. We provide expert advice and easy decisions to save you time and efforts.

If this type of accounting is of interest to you, we are flexible to customize solutions that fit your business. Contact us at info@gebona.com or give us a call.