Additional services related to the registry agency

Examples of changes to be filed:

Address change.

Changing the CEO.

Replacing partners.

Selling the firm.

Changing the activity of the company.

Changing the name of the company.

Increasing or decreasing the capital of the company.

Changing the correspondence address with the National Revenue Agency.

Transformations of LTD and SPLTD.

Releasing a manager of the company.

Gebona can make all needed changes at the Agency of  Registries for you regardless if they are related to changing address, adding/removing a partner to your business, selling shares etc. Prices vary depending on the services needed. So far we have over 500 applications for a variety of changes needed and none of them have been declined.

Fees for services related to the Registry Agency

For our current and future clients the fee for filing an annual financial report at the Registry Agency is 50 lv.  The government fees are included in the price.

The price is the same for companies that don’t use our accounting services.

Depending of the changes you need, we can file one applications for some of them to be done at the same time. We offer free consultations to help you decide what changes are needed and what is the best way to make them.